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Treatment information

What will happen at my acupuncture treatment?

The first consultation will take around 1.5 hours when Yvonne will obtain from you a comprehensive medical history and discuss in detail with you your health concern. Additionally she will ask about other aspects of your life such as your work, lifestyle and personal situation. This will be followed by a brief non invasive physical examination and your first treatment. Subsequent treatments will take around 50 minutes. Acupuncture aims to gently move you towards a better state of health.

It is perfectly safe for acupuncture to be used alongside any conventional medical treatments you may be having.

Do the needles hurt and is acupuncture safe?

OK so needles are involved, but they are incredibly fine and flexible and in most cases, the needling is very quick. Some people do feel the acupuncture point as it is needled and describe the sensation as something like a dull ache, tingling or pulling sensation, but equally many people do not feel the needles and it often depends on which point is being treated. In any case, you've probably been putting up with a certain amount of pain and discomfort already otherwise you wouldn't be looking at these pages, so please don't let a very fine and flexible needle put you off ...

Acupuncture is one of the safest medical treatments, both conventional and complementary, available in the UK. More information regarding the safety of acupuncture can be found on these pages from The British Acupuncture Council.

The BAcC is the only professional association for traditional acupuncture that is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. This is on account of the high standards of training, CPD, safe practice and professional conduct any BAcC member has received. This means you are in very safe hands.

Is there anything else that may happen during treatment?

Sometimes some people benefit from treatment using a herb called moxa. Moxa is a dried herb which is compressed into a cone and applied to the acupuncture point. When lit, it smoulders for a short while on the acupuncture point and is removed promptly before reaching the level of the skin. Moxa is an excellent herb in supplying warmth, nourishment and stimulation to the acupuncture point. It has long been used in traditional East Asian medicines. Additionally techniques like cupping may be used or Gua Sha, both of which may reduce muscle pain in localised areas.

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Treatment availability

Appointments are available on weekdays and into early evening.

Treatment costs

Edgbaston location: For a limited period of time, Yvonne will be charging £40 per treatment session regardless of the length of time taken. The first treatment may take a little longer than subsequent treatments which usually last just under an hour.

Kings Heath location: the first treatment session which will take around 1.5 hours costs £55, with second and subsequent treatments costing £45.

Broken appointments and appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice will be charged £20, so if you are unable to keep your appointment, it would be very much appreciated if you could let us know as soon as possible.

Payment should be made by cash or cheque. I may also accept BACS payments so please mention this option if you are interested.

At The Well Natural Health Centre only, payments can also be made via credit or debit card.

Yvonne recognises that there are some people who are interested in acupuncture treatment but that perhaps the cost of treatments may be a little prohibitive for them. Please do get in contact with her if this is the case to discuss the possibility of lower fees. This particularly applies to the Edgbaston clinic location.

Can I claim some or all of the cost of treatment on my health insurance?

Yes this is possible so take a look at your policy. This list of private health insurers compiled by the British Acupuncture Council may help you.

I'm still not sure if acupuncture is for me ...

Then please feel free to give Yvonne a call or email to discuss how acupuncture treatment may benefit you.

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