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What my patients say ...

"I must say Yvonne, all the treatment I have had from you has made me much better. I thank you from the bottom of my heart." - ZV

"Having a tension-type headache daily and taking painkillers every day to try and get through the working day as best as possible, was something I just came to expect. Additionally, I also suffered from occasional migraine attacks. To my surprise within just 3 treatments with Yvonne, the headaches had eased off completely, I wasn’t taking any painkillers and my mood and emotional well-being was also noticeably improved. This was definitely due to the acupuncture treatment but also lifestyle changes I made.
I have been headache-free for a few months now and I can’t express enough how it’s impacted positively on all aspects of my life.
Yvonne is very understanding; she takes the time to get to know you, which I really appreciate. The treatments themselves are pain free. It’s working for me - a lot more good things happened than I expected!" - UF

"Acupuncture has changed my life for the better." - TC

"I have had acupuncture sessions with Yvonne over the past two years. Her treatments successfully address challenging physical symptoms I experience related to the menopause and overall I feel much more 'myself' again.

I have been fortunate to receive treatment from a number of acupuncturists over the years while living in different places due to my work. Yvonne stands out as an exceptionally good acupuncturist, giving her full attention through the session to achieving the best outcome for you.

I really enjoy talking to Yvonne and appreciate the way she listens carefully and works with clarity to get to the root of a problem. I've gained so much from being treated by Yvonne and am very glad I chose to have acupuncture with her." - TY

"I also routinely use another therapy, which I do find helpful, but if I could have only one, I would choose acupuncture." - EN

"I don't know where I would be without acupuncture. I was experiencing more or less constant discomfort since having an artificial knee fitted some years ago, along with aches and pains in my back and hips. My walking has improved tremendously as a result of acupuncture and even recent very cold weather has not affected my joints when previously it had. I can't envisage life without my treatments with Yvonne." - ED

"I started seeing Yvonne when I was experiencing a prolonged period of anxiety and depression. I am now feeling much more stable emotionally, calmer, and like things are on the up." - BS

"Initially I began to have acupuncture for help with menopausal symptoms. The hot flushes and chronic tiredness I had experienced improved enormously with treatment and I began to feel more like my old self and capable of living life again. Yvonne has always demonstrated a professional, knowledgeable and competent approach to treatment sessions. I trust her, I would recommend Yvonne to friends and family. I still attend for acupuncture regularly and am certain it helps me with the ups and downs of life." - SM

"Quite simply my pain decreased so much, I got my life back." - PR

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