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About acupuncture

The focus for a traditional acupuncturist is to establish harmony and balance between all of the body's functions and processes by rebalancing the energetic system that underlies health, thereby readjusting the body's innate healing ability. All symptoms are seen as part of an interconnected pattern so treatment is focused on the patient as an individual. Thus the beauty of acupuncture is this 'tailor made' aspect; treatments specifically designed for you.

Yvonne's therapeutic approach

Yvonne will take a close in-depth look at your health issues and all aspects of your life including your emotional health, and the effect your lifestyle, work and relationships may be having on your health. This will assist her in formulating a treatment programme, tailor made for you

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Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, the mind is not considered as a separate entity to the body, in fact, it fully recognises and embraces the need for all levels of the body (physical, mental and emotional) to be working harmoniously.

    'Patterns of harmony in one system both reflect and generate patterns of harmony in other systems, therefore in order for a larger system to be in balance as a whole, each smaller system within it must itself be balanced.'
    (A Guide to Chinese Medicine: Beinfield and Korngold 1991).

There are many styles of acupuncture, traditional and modern. Training in traditional acupuncture involves degree-level training for a significant period of time, usually at least three years. At the Pathway Acupuncture Clinic, the main style of acupuncture practised is Five Element acupuncture because it is ideally suited to treating the patient at the root of the distress, not simply just alleviating the symptoms.

Is there anything else that may happen during treatment?

Sometimes some people benefit from treatment using a herb called moxa. Moxa is a dried herb which is compressed into a cone and applied to the acupuncture point. When lit, it smoulders for a short while on the acupuncture point and is removed promptly before reaching the level of the skin. Moxa is an excellent herb in supplying warmth, nourishment and stimulation to the acupuncture point. It has long been used in traditional East Asian medicines.

Additionally techniques like cupping may be used or Gua Sha, both of which have wide ranging benefits in resolving pain in localised areas by softening tight areas.

Acupuncture may also be a very useful treatment during pregnancy, to help with all pregnancy related issues and can help the body prepare for labour with regular treatments towards the end of the pregnancy. It may even help turn a breech presentation.

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